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Armed Forces Day

Written by Cdt Quintal

On the 27th of June we attended the annual Armed Forces Day Parade at the Hendon Royal Air Force Museum.

This year our Squadron attended with our band and a few other Air Cadet Squadrons, the Army Cadets, the Sea Cadets, Army Veterans, the Army, the Mayor - to name a few!

On the day all the Cadets and the Army marched around the museum grounds to the field area where there was a short service and a band sang a song from World War 2. The weather was hot, but we rose to the challenge!

After the service, we marched back to where we started. The whole time we were marching the band was playing very well and the two bass drum players were doing very well at keeping everyone in step all of the time.

I was also given the job of lowering the flag with two other Air Cadets. This meant I had to lower the RAF flag and replace it with the Armed Forces Day flag without any of them touching the floor which is harder than it seems!

After the Parade, we were all given freedom of the museum for the day.  but later that day there was going to be a Lancaster Bomber flypast over the museum which was really good and worth waiting for as it was very rare.

The day was really good!

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