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Remembrance Sunday

Written by Cdt Quintal

On Remembrance Sunday every year there is a parade in Finchley where we attended along with the Scouts, St Johns Ambulance Cadets, Army Cadets and the Sea Cadets. The parade takes place in North Finchley and the service is done at the Royal British Legion.

Our band played at the march very well keeping the whole parade in step along with the Jewish Brigade band. I was given the job of laying the Air Cadets wreath which was really good but nerve-raking at the same time. Overall the parade went very well!

After this we went off to the Enfield Remembrance parade. The Air Cadets, Police Cadets, Boys Brigade, St John’s ambulance, Sea Cadets and many more organisations went to the parade. There were two bands at the parade which made it a bit hard to stay in step but they played well!

The service was at the Enfield war memorial where loads of people came to watch and we observed the two minutes silence. After that we marched to the Royal British Legion in Enfield and where we relaxed and ate loads of food.

It was quite a busy day but we all enjoyed it.

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