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As the sun is currently shining more and more, I would like to turn your attention to Para No. 0129/0130 of AP1358C in regards to wearing sunglasses:

(Paraphrased for easy read - look at the AP if you want to look into this further)


Occasions for Wear:

On health and safety grounds, suitable civilian purchased sunglasses may be worn with uniform, outdoors, both in UK and overseas. On all other occasions discretion to be used by OC Wg / Wg Ex O / CCF CC.


Non-prescription sunglasses are not to be worn on parade / formal occasions unless specifically authorised.


They are to be unobtrusive in style and neither eccentric nor “eye catching”.

Frames are to be of standard style and colour; bright or multi-coloured frames are not permitted.

Lenses are not to be mirrored and are to be of a dark colour similar to the Service issue.

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